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Have you been considering baby photography?  Are you expecting a new baby or would you like your older baby photographed?  


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A new baby is such a precious time and they grow and change so quickly.  We are all taking photographs on our mobile devices every single day now, unfortunately we are not printing our photographs.  If you book a professional baby photography session you will receive a complimentary 10×8 print from your baby photography photo shoot.  I also offer print and wall art photography packages which I will present to you at your ordering session a couple of weeks after your photo shoot.

My studio is light and airy and very comfortable.  You can relax and sit back whilst I take photographs of your baby with minimal fuss, whilst ensuring that your baby is happy.  

You may be considering having your baby photography photo shoot when your baby is a little older.  If this is the case, then the perfect age for this baby photography experience is when your little one is sitting up but not crawling.  At this age babies are alert, will interact but of course they can’t crawl off in every direction.  The newborn baby photography session takes a minimum of 2 and up to 4 hours because patience is key and I always like to ensure that baby’s needs come first.  Lots of stops for feeding, cuddling or changing are important for these sessions.  For your older baby at sitting stage, the photo shoot is usually over within about 45 minutes.  The best photographs of your baby will be captured within the first 15 minutes.  The environment is new and your baby will hopefully be interested and inquisitive.  Perfect!  Usually older babies are a little tired out fairly quickly so it’s important that I work quickly and get those smiles.

If you would like information on baby photography sessions click this link .  And if you would like to discuss the baby photography photo shoots please don’t hesitate to call me on 01455 233224 or email me at

I look forward to chatting to you and booking you in for your photo shoot.  ūüôā

Baby Photography


I am an experienced photographer and provide professional bump to baby photography at my light and airy, fully equipped studio in Hinckley, Leicestershire.  My priority is for parents to have a stress free, relaxed time at the studio whilst I work my magic and photograph your new baby with minimal fuss in a calm, safe and comfortable environment. Where possible I will use natural light whilst photographing your baby and only use extra studio lighting if necessary.

Studio photography sessions are ¬£70 which is the fee for the time and talent to photograph your baby and the session fee includes a 10×8 complimentary mounted print.

The newborn baby photography session takes around 2 hours, sometimes up to 3 hours, depending on how your baby settles into the photo shoot. However, I will ensure that the photo shoot is not rushed and is calm and relaxed for your baby and of course, for parents too. A cappuccino and comfortable sofa awaits you! If you have recently had a new baby and would like to have this precious time photographed, call me today to arrange your baby photography photo shoot.

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Newborn Baby Photography Leicester


Are you expecting a baby and thinking of having your new arrival photographed professionally? ¬†I offer 2 options for your newborn baby photography. ¬†A studio session is ¬£60 including ¬†a complimentary 10×8 print. ¬†Alternatively I can visit you at home (within a 20 mile radius of Hinckley, Leicestershire) to photograph your baby in the comfort of your own home. ¬†A newborn baby photography session cannot be rushed and a typical photoshoot takes up to 2 hours, sometimes longer. ¬†I am patient and understanding – and let’s face it‚Ķ The longer I have with your newborn baby, the more cuddles I get. ¬†Everyone’s a WINNER…

To talk to me about scheduling in your newborn baby for a photography session please call 01455 233224.  The recommended age for these baby photography sessions is under 2 weeks old.  If you wish to discuss this photography session please feel free to call me.

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Newborn Photography Leicester


Are you expecting a baby and have you thought about having your new arrival photographed? ¬†It is such a precious time when your newborn baby is born and it’s absolutely the most perfect time to have your baby photographed. ¬†I can photograph your newborn baby in the comfort of your own home so that you can relax, drink tea and be in the comfort of your own surrounds, ¬†and let me capture some precious photographs of your baby. ¬†Alternatively, if you prefer, you can bring your newborn baby to my studio in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

The most perfect time to photograph your newborn baby is under 2 weeks old.  This is when they are at their most sleepy.  But I understand that sometimes newborn babies can be unsettled and require breast feeding, cuddles and changing.  This is why a newborn baby photography session can take around 2 hours (sometimes longer).  Patience, understanding and a sense of humour are very important when photographing newborns…

If you wish to book a newborn photography session please call me and we can discuss the options available to you.  Newborn sessions are usually booked in as soon as your new baby arrives.

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Newborn Baby Photography – Leicestershire


Are you a ‘mum to be’? ¬†Congratulations! ¬†I am sure you are so very excited about the prospect of your new baby arriving. ¬†It is such a precious time when you first come home with your newborn baby and it’s definitely the perfect time to think some photography of the new arrival. ¬† The perfect age for photography of ¬†newborns ¬†is under 10 days old. ¬†This is the age when they are most settled and easier to photograph. ¬†Newborn baby photography cannot be rushed, and my photography session with your new baby can take up to 2 hours (sometimes longer). ¬† The photography session will often need to stop for cuddles, feeding and changing. ¬† To get those perfect sleepy poses and content expressions requires time and patience, but it’s absolutely worth it. ¬†You will never get this time back with your precious newborn. ¬† I offer two options for your newborn baby photography. ¬†You can bring your baby to my studio in central Hinckley, or I can visit you at home. ¬†The session fee for newborn baby photography at the studio is ¬£60 and includes a 10×8 mounted image. ¬†If you would prefer to have your baby photographed in the comfort of your own home I can visit you there. ¬†This session at your home is ¬£95.00. ¬†Often newborn babies are more settled in their own environment, with familiar sounds and smells and it’s nice for new mums to be at home too.

I do have a selection of newborn baby props including baskets, accessories, blankets etc.  However it is also more personal to you and your newborn baby if we can use your own blankets, hats etc.

If you would like to discuss a newborn baby photography session, please call me on 01455 233224. Or you can email me at  We can discuss your requirements and book in your photography session at a time / date to suit you.   This is just a selection of the beautiful babies I have had the pleasure of photographing recently.

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