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I’ve been really busy with studio portraits just recently and have had so many lovely clients come to me for photography.   I have had a lot of extended families to photograph and one particular family of 14 came for a photo shoot recently during a visit to Leicester.  This family all live in London and were visiting friends and family to celebrate grandma’s 80th Birthday (I had to call her ‘Ba’ – which I am presuming is Indian for grandma or nanny, unless they were having a joke on me…).

We really did have lots of fun during this session.  It was noisy, chaotic and a bit bonkers at times, but the family were so full of joy and I just love the colours in these photographs.  They had a mixture of images taken both in traditional and casual dress.   I must admit, I had to have a lie down for a few minutes when they left, but it will be a family I will remember for a very long time.  Joyful…

portraitsapril 1024x819  Studio Portraits Leicester

Portrait Photography Leicestershire


Just a few images below from some recent portrait sessions at the studio and on location.  These images are some of my favourites, for various reasons…  Fun kiddies, families with a story to tell or just because I had such a lovely time spending time photographing!   If you would like to be photographed at the studio or would prefer a location shoot at your home or a favourite place, please call me – Lesley Bee on 01455 233224.  I will ensure that your photo shoot is relaxed, informal and fun and will bring together a collection of portraits that you will love forever.

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portraitshinckley2 819x1024  Portrait Photography Leicestershire

portraitsleicester 819x1024  Portrait Photography Leicestershire

portraitsleicestershire 819x1024  Portrait Photography Leicestershire

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Portrait Photography Leicestershire


Just a few favourite portrait photographs taken at recent sessions.  Adorable kiddies, lovely families… and a happy doggie!   If you would like to book a portrait shoot please call me – Lesley Bee on 01455 233224.  Or you may prefer to buy a beautiful hand made gift voucher to give to someone special for a photo shoot.  Studio photo shoot vouchers start at £35.00 and include a complimentary 10×8 print.  Or you may wish to have a photo shoot at home or at a favourite location.  Location portrait shoots are £75 inclusive of a complimentary 10×8 print.


4 IMAGES 1024x819  Portrait Photography Leicestershire

lesleybeehinckley 1024x819  Portrait Photography Leicestershire

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NEW DESIGN 41 819x1024  Portrait Photography Leicestershire


Photo Shoots in April


These photo shoots were great fun with some fantastic kids.  I’ve had a few teenagers and toddlers for studio photo shoots during April, along with a family of 3 generations which was a gift for Grandma’s birthday.   It really is great to have variety and I certainly meet lots of lovely people in my job – I love people… and capturing personalities so I guess I am in doing my dream job.   If you would like to book a photo shoot with me – Lesley Bee, then please get in touch.  Call me on 01455 233224 to book your portrait shoot.  I love photographing babies and toddlers, teenagers and grandparents, doggies and cats, in love couples, corporate head shots etc.  You name it, I can photograph it.  And I promise you will enjoy your photo shoot too.


lesleybee 819x1024  Photo Shoots in April



We took little Alfie outside to run around outside the Atkins Building, as a tag on to his studio shoot.  Alfie is only 2 so had lots of energy.  We started off in the studio but I decided it would be great to get him outside to run around.  Zoom lens in place and I left him to do what he wanted to do.  He’s wearing a lovely Jules coat – I think he could be their next model…   lesleybee2 1024x819  Photo Shoots in April


This family photo shoot was great fun.  3 generations – grandparents, children and grandchildren.   I always try to add some fun to family shoots and the kids especially loved pulling silly faces.  Grandma purchased a lovely wall portrait of her whole family (don’t worry – she didn’t purchase one of these images) but they did get a laugh at the portrait viewing.    I love the action shot of little girl falling off the sofa…


lesleybeeimages 1024x819  Photo Shoots in April

Family Portraits by Lesley Bee


Have you been meaning to have your photographs taken professionally for some time now, but just haven’t got round to it?  Please call me, Lesley Bee and we can arrange a fun, informal photo shoot for you and your family.  Or what about a Valentine’s gift for someone special in your life?  I have beautiful hand made gift vouchers starting from £20.  Call me on 01455 233224.


lesleybee  Family Portraits by Lesley Bee

lesleybeehinckley  Family Portraits by Lesley Bee

portraitphotographyleicestershire  Family Portraits by Lesley Bee

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